Poster Presentation Files

Agarwal, Aditi Frequency-dependent core shifts and parameter estimation in blazars
Bachev, Rumen The extremes in intra-night blazar variability: the S4 0954+65 case
Bruni, Gabriele Imaging AGN at record angular resolution: space-VLBI in the RadioAstron hera
Glawion, Dorit Multi-wavelength observations of IC 310 following an extreme gamma-ray outburst
Goyal, Arti Radio to gamma-ray, broad-band variability of the classical BL Lac object PKS 0735+178
Karamanavis, Vassilis Unlocking the Secrets of PKS 1502+106: Synergies between mm-VLBI and single-dish Monitoring
Kravchenko, Evgeniya Radio and gamma-ray study of the quasar S4 1030+611 during its activity in 2009-2014
Liodakis, Ioannis F-GAMMA: Multiwavelength Variability Doppler factors
Miller, H. Richard Optical and gamma-Ray variability of the RL NLSy1 Galaxy 1H 0323+342
Molina, Sol Natalia Internal rotation and toroidal magnetic field in the inner jet of NRAO150
Morozova, Daria Optical Outburst of the blazar S4 0954+658 in early 2015
Myserlis Ioannis Physical conditions  and processes in AGN jets through multi-frequency linear and circular radio polarization monitoring
Motter, Juliana C. 18-22 cm VLBA observational evidences for toroidal B-field components in six AGN Jets
Nakahara, Satomi Conical stream line of approaching and counter jet in NGC 4261 over the range of 106 Rs
Piner, Glenn Towards parsec-scale jet speed measurements for the full TeV blazar sample
Sohn, Bong Won Recent results of KaVA AGN WG
Troitskaya, Yulia The multiwavelength monitoring of the gamma-bright blazar Mkn 421
Troitskiy, Ivan Multifrequency monitoring of the flat spectrum radio quasar PKS 1222+216 in 2008-2015
Zhang, Xiaoyuan Intra-day Simultaneous Optical Monitoring of S5 0716+714
Zola, Staszek Preliminary results from 2015/26 observing campaign of the OJ287 blazar